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Here is a handmade Grateful Dead inspired necklace for all my fellow dead heads 💀 Reiki charged with intention to heal & balance whoever wears it🤲🏼✨🖤

Crafted using pure copper wire, which has been oxidized, polished & coated x2 in a clear sealant - this protects the metal and keeps the necklace looking as new as possible, while lasting for as long as possible 🧼

The centerpiece is a stunning labradorite crystal, hand carved into a Grateful Dead Steelie ⚡️ This piece also comes with a black hemp cord necklace that is adjustable to your desired length!

4.25 inches in length

~4.25 inches in length

13 Point Bolt Grateful Dead Labradorite Necklace

Excluding Sales Tax
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