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Hand woven with universal love, abundance & healing energy channeled into each segment🧬 all on .925 sterling silver!


Ethiopian Opal is a stupendous gemstone for bringing spiritual Light into the aura. It opens up the mind to new hope and wishes, on the other hand, helps to awaken the psychic and mystical qualities of the carrier of the stone. By enhancing cosmic awareness, it hoists the wearer’s level of intuition and insight.🔮 .


These stones have excellent metaphysical attributes that help you to change how you think and may assist with making decisions.🧚🏼‍♀️ They are beneficial to use to boost creativity, have a good energy for balancing the chakras and are excellent healing stones that may aid the healing of a number of health worries🙏


Wherever these crystals are located they will create a more positive environment, as they are known to transmute negativity both in you and the area around you.🕊


*Disclaimer: Item is made to order & may not look exactly like the picture. Handcrafted items are unique to each order, and its virtually impossible to make duplicates by hand. It will however, be made in the same style.

Opal Silver Ring

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