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Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Packages and Offerings 

Card readings are sent digitally within 24-48hrs upon receiving your energy exchange, in the form of a love donation. You do not have to be physically present to receive your reading. All I need is your full name, gender, location and consent. Distance readings give you the advantage of revisiting the guidance, space to journal and time to self reflect with anything that resonates deep within.

General Spread

Spread Details: Three card virtual tarot reading for general guidance on any situation.

#1 - Past

#2 - Present

#3 - Future 

Love Donation: $22

Love Spread

Spread Details: Six card virtual tarot reading that evaluates your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual connections with your partner.

#1 - Your emotional state, approach or outlook towards partner

#2 - Your partners emotional outlook towards you 

#3 - Connection card showing common characteristic of you both

#4 - Strength of relationship

#5 - Weakness of relationship 

#6 - True love card; interprets if relationship will be successful continuing in this energetic manner 

Love Donation: $44

Spiritual Guidance  Spread

Spread Details: Used when faced with problems that are spiritual in  nature. These sorts of challenges are usually related to spirituality in a person.

#1 – Represents your main concerns

#2 – Your motivation for looking into this guidance. 

#3 – Things in life you are insecure or worried about.

#4 – Emphasis on the parts of your life that you are not aware of

#5 – Advice card giving you the steps to face your fears

#6 – Guidance on how to move forward on our spiritual journey

#7 – Teachings on how to deal with the situation using the resources you have at hand

Love Donation: $55

Life Purpose Spread

Spread Details: Seven card virtual tarot reading for in depth guidance on finding your life purpose.

#1 - Life purpose overview. What were you put here to do?

#2 - Inner strengths.. What will serve you well, when you connect with your dharma?

#3 - Blocks. What limitations are in your path?

#4 - Universe signs. What signs are being sent to you externally that guide you towards this dharma?

#5 - Life purpose relationships. What people in your circle are helping or hurting your journey?

#6 - Outcome of your life purpose. Where are you now and where you'll be once you follow your life purpose?

#7 - Clarity. You can ask for additional support if something specific has come up during your spread. 

Love Donation: $55

Celtic Cross Spread

Spread Details: Celtic Cross deals with intricate situations. Use  this spread to find out the full depth of any situation. It can be used to find the answer to any problem. 

#1– Current situation and the question you are facing

#2– Basic challenge that needs to be solved or the mental or physical object holding you back

#3– Subconscious influences

#4 – Resources you have, to face/ solve the problem 

#5 – Prologue of the scene

#6 – The headlight showing how to prevent any potential negativity 

#7 – Your physical actions, thinking and ideals regarding the problem

#8 – The energy surrounding you and the environment around this situation 

#9 – Desires and fears

#10 – The final out outcome if the energy continues in this manner 

Love Donation: $88

Success Spread

Spread Details: Helpful if you don’t know how to face or overcome a problem, as it will point you in the right direction. 

#1 - Help you to identify what sort of skill set and resources you will needed for success 

#2 - Reveals the hidden factors affecting your current situation

#3 - Plans, people, or objects that can help you grow further

#4 - What you need to fulfill in order to be successful and things to avoid that could cause hinderance 

Love Donation: $33

What Our Clients Say

Tarot Cards
emily c.jpeg

Emily Clark

"I do hold the power to change my behaviors... surrender to the divine... that's exactly what I need to do. This reading confirmed that I am on the right path. This has brightened my day, and now I know what I need to do in order to feel like myself again."
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