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Meet the Artist 

Hello love! I'm Sara Carreau, the artist & healer behind SoulSunshineGoods. When I'm not creating jewelry, painting, hosting workshops or offering Reiki sessions; I enjoy adventure travel, meditation, yoga, dancing, quality time with loved ones, reading, experimenting with herbalism & immersing myself fully in the natural world. My mission is to uplift our community through natural forms of medicine, inspiring the remembrance of what it means to truly take our power back, and co create a harmonious world.  

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My Story

I always had a fascination with art from a very young age. I have clear memories all throughout grade school, deeply enthralled in pottery, landscape drawings and creative writing. However, I didn't begin painting on my own time until around 2015. At the time I was just doing it as a form of self expression and pleasure. The paint could always get out the vivid visions running endlessly through my imagination. My visionary painting skills are self taught, but discovering Bob Ross fueled the expansion of my landscape art through oil paints.


The older I got the more my ambitious spirit sought freedom in every sense of the word. I began exploring new interest like live music and traveling. This is when I found the local underground music scene in 2017 and immediately felt right at home. Vendors selling eccentric handmade items, community gathering to connect deeper, vibrant colors, welcoming and smiling faces around every corner. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but in reflection I’m seeing a resemblance to my early childhood days before the age of 8… I lived in Dunedin Florida at the time, and my family would bike down to Pier 60 in Clearwater for a sunset celebration. 


About 30 vendors line the pier ready to peddle their wares, with everything from watercolor art to handcrafted jewelry. Pop ups literally everywhere with vendors braiding hair, live painters, break dancers, live music, drummers playing on broken buckets, hot dog carts; all while the sun sets over the water! It’s literally like a mini music/ art festival and it STILL happens every week in my hometown. Reminiscing on these memories, I can see so clearly how my roots have helped shape my lifestyle today. 


Several years later in 2018, I learned how to make jewelery at my first 3 day music/art camping festival. It was day 2 at Pass The Good fest in Pensacola Fl, a hurricane was coming so I waited out the weather in a renovated schoolie. The owners of the home on wheels brought out wire and crystals, asking if I wanted to get creative during the storm. I wire wrapped my first necklace. Unknowingly this was the birth of a new beginning that would completely change the course of my life. 


My first wire wrap was a turquoise crystal, and I wore it everywhere! I began noticing a shift in the energy I was experiencing in my reality. Looking deeper, I explored studying the meaning of energy and how it relates to crystal therapy. Seeing 1st hand how a small but mighty turquoise crystal, positively shifted my reality, completely exploded my mind and sparked my passion for holistic medicine. The driving force behind any of my work, is this connection and passion, for the lost wisdom of self healing. 


I wasn’t any good at wire wrapping around this time, but I felt drawn to gifting wearable pieces of crystal healing to loved ones that I know would benefit. Before presenting these offerings to my beloveds, I would set intentions and infuse my love into every piece, unknowingly (at the time) channeling Reiki.. One thing lead to another, and these beloveds started commissioning jewelry and paying me for it!! I was still attending local Edm shows, and recognized an opportunity to start selling my work at these events right in my neighborhood. The genuine love and support that I received from my local community, allowed this artist to bloom like the universe intended.


6 years later staying consistent, working two food service jobs while studying for a degree in horticulture, my skills strengthened into what it is today. I quickly realized I wanted to strengthened my knowledge on energy and got certified as a Reiki Master. I now work full time as a traveling artist and healer. That is one of the biggest blessings this life has gifted me. I travel around the country hosting workshops, vending festivals and exploring the medicine that can be found in our natural world. 


Whether you’re a new friend or an old, thank you so much for being apart of this beautiful journey. I wouldn't be here doing what I love, uplifitng our community to greater heights, if it weren't for the prescne of YOU! 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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