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One of the MOST overlooked causes for anxiety and depression is a magnesium deficiency. And around 80% of the population is deficient! Magnesium is crucial for over 325 biochemical reactions in the body. Other symtoms of deficieny can show up as lack of energy, imbalances in our hormones, poor gut heath, trouble sleeping, weak immune system, etc...


It’s best absorbed transdermally, meaning applying directly on the skin; rather than digestion.


To use, you would simply spritz this blend on your skin and give it 30 seconds or so to absorb. It's best absorbed through your belly, bottom of the feet and under arms. You can also spray on legs, arms, back, etc... wherever you feel muscle/ joint pain or inflammation.


DO NOT spray on freshly shaved skin. Slight tingling or burning sensation may occur, that's your bodies way of letting you know you're Magnesium deficient. Give your body time to adjust and stay consistent with it to see results. If the stinging sensation from deficency is too uncomfortable, you can always rub lotion on afterwards to help soothe the area.


This offering is a 4oz spray bottle with a blend of all organic essential oils that are known to balance hormones and the natural oils of the skin. Ingredients include magnesium chloride, lavender, yland ylang, cedarwood, patchouli, geranium, distilled water and infused reiki healing.


A few of the benefits of a healthy magnesium level include:

- combats trouble sleeping

- combats an anxious mind

- combats bad gut health

- combats monthly cramps/restless legs

- builds better sleep patterns

- gives you sustainable energy in the day

- supports digestion and anxiety relief

- depression support

- relives muscle spasms

- balances hormones

- helps your body communicate clearly to itself

- antifungal, anti bacterial and anti odor

Magnesium Mist

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